21 Mobile Apps That Can Support Fibromyalgia Warriors

By FibroWomen Team,

There may not be a magical app that can eliminate your fibromyalgia – but there are plenty of apps out there that can make living with chronic pain a little more tolerable. From apps to help track your pain to ones that’ll connect you with other chronic pain sufferers for support, we’ve put together a list of 21 of the tops apps for anyone living with chronic pain or fibromyalgia.

We’ve organized them by categories to help you find the right app for your needs. The categories include:

  • Pain tracking apps
  • Meditation & mental clarity apps
  • Fibro friendly exercise apps
  • Medication related apps (reminders, discounts, etc)
  • Sleep related apps
  • Diet & Nutrition apps
  • Fibromyalgia news & support apps

Read below to find out which apps may help make your life with fibromyalgia a little bit easier.

Pain Tracking Apps

#1 – Chronic Pain Tracker

Take the guess work out of pain management with Chronic Pain Tracker. Record your pain history with 19 unique health categories. Review a Summary Report with your doctor in the app, or export a PDF for printing/emailing. For less than a typical insurance co-pay, you can improve the management of your pain.

Our favorite thing about the app: It has 19 different tracker modules, giving you the ability to find the right tracker for you!

#2 – Catch My Pain

CatchMyPain is an intelligent pain diary app that helps you keep track of your pain and connect with similar patients. Its intelligent pain diary allows you to draw the location and intensity of your pain on a body model – giving you and your doctor a better understanding of where and how your pain is affecting you.

Catch My Pain – The Pain Diary (English) from CatchMyPain on Vimeo.

Our favorite thing about the app: Very user-friendly…and we love the diagram that allows us to pinpoint our pain and illustrate its intensity!

#3 – My Pain Diary

The My Pain Diary & Symptom Tracker (Gold Edition) is the newest member of the My Pain Diary family, which has helped over 90,000 chronic pain sufferers better manage their pain, improve communication with their doctors, and gain insights that would be hard attain through other means.

It has a broad number of powerful tools to help you track and analyze your pain – but is still simple to use! They also have useful video tutorials on YouTube to help you get the most out of the app!

Our favorite thing about the app: the broad feature set – this is a powerful app with a lot of powerful tools!

#4 – WebMD Pain Coach

WebMD combines a wealth of information with powerful symptom and treatment tracking tools in their Pain Coach app. Features thousands of doctor-approved tips and articles, recommended goals, and more to help you get the most on your journey to find relief.

Our favorite thing about the app: Love the expert advice found in the doctor-approved tips and articles.

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