Do Benzodiazepines help with fibromyalgia itching?

Fibro itching is one of the hardest symptoms that fibromyalgia sufferers deal with. A lot of people say that as compared to pain, itching fibromyalgia can cause is really worse. Mostly, they have that kind of itch that no amount of scratching can soothe. This can make more difficulty in sleeping than usual for fibromyalgia patients. And the overall quality of life can be reduced due to this continuous itch.

Unfortunately, no numerous viable treatments are there for fibro itching. And it is so frustrating and difficult to find a way to soothe the itch. Benzodiazepine is the medication that many of them turn to. Some drugs can offer a temporary soothing from itching due to their general suppressive effect on the central nervous system, like Xanax and valium.

But what is fibromyalgia itching, exactly? And do you prefer benzodiazepines as effective treatment?

What Is Fibromyalgia Itching?

An itching feeling that often accompanies fibromyalgia is known as fibromyalgia itching. This feeling is like the bugs crawling on their skin, or they simply feel itchy on much of their body.

The best guess right now is that the itching is the result of nerve signals being hyper-sensitized but still no one knows exactly that how it works.  Mostly, your nerves send signals to your brain to let it know that the skin is irritated, which results in the itching feeling. These signals are sent with no irritation on the skin in fibromyalgia.

This type of itching is very common in people having neurological disorders.  So it appears to be likely that itching with fibromyalgia is brought about by itching signals being sent to the brain by mistake.

What Are Benzodiazepines?

A class of drug that works by stifling the central nervous system is Benzodiazepines. People who take them feel so relaxed and this is an effective anti-anxiety drug. Drugs like valium or Xanax are included in Benzodiazepines. Insomnia and anxiety are being treated by these drugs.

Panic attacks are being prevented by the feeling of elation they create and their role as depressants, and in addition, makes them a commonly abused drug. And when you’re taking benzodiazepines for any reason, you should be cognizant. People who are inclined to abuse drugs most likely need to avoid from taking benzodiazepines due to the risk of reliance.

Because of constant itching and fibromyalgia pain, your quality of life can be reduced even more than it already is due to the risk of being dependent on psychoactive drugs. So while taking benzodiazepines as a solution to your chronic itching, be careful.

 Are Benzodiazepines Effective For Treating Fibro Itching?

The way the central nervous system works, benzodiazepines affect. Still, there is a hope that they might unwind the overactive nervous system that transmits itching signals to the brain.

Well it appears to be working in theory. Because, if over-active neurotransmitters cause fibro itching, a drug that suppresses the nervous system would help stop the itching feeling.

But as a matter of fact, there are only a few studies about these drugs that play a role in treating neurologically based chronic itching. And also there are almost no studies about how effectively they work specifically for fibro itching.

Just a momentary relief from itching can be occur by taking Benzodiazepines due to the fact that they cause a general sensation of numbness all over the body. This is the most basic way that benzodiazepines work. But the root cause of this itching is not yet treated by them. And they will also wear off rapidly.

The way things are, there is no sufficient information to prefer benzodiazepines as an effective treatment. And in addition, there may be dangerous side effects of these drugs. High risk of dependency is there, and the drugs themselves frequently cause dizziness or nausea and also putting the people who take them in a kind of mental haze.

So from all this, benzodiazepines does not appears to be the best treatment. Especially, when there is another class of drugs that are effective as well.

Can Anticonvulsants Help With Fibro Itching?

On the other hand, those drugs are considered as effective in treating fibro itching that prevent seizures, anticonvulsants. And to help with the symptoms, doctors prescribe many of them. For instance, Gabapentin is one of the more common drugs.

Doctors have suggested overactive nerve signals in the brain can cause some itching from fibromyalgia. To stop the reactions between nerves in your brain, Anticonvulsants drugs are designed. The rapid firing of nerves in the brain creates convulsions in the people having seizures. So some drugs like Gabapentin reduces those nerve reactions.

Anticonvulsant drugs can help treat it effectively because the itching that is linked with fibromyalgia is probably the result of overactive nerve signals in the brain. Dr. Gil Yosopovitch, who is running dermatology department at Temple University, utilizes drugs like Gabapentin and finds that they are compelling for helping patients.

Moreover, to help with itching, he prescribes Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s). Many drugs that are generally endorsed for treating pain from fibromyalgia like Savella and Cymbalta are already SSRI’s.

These drugs along with Gabapentin are prescribed by Dr. Yosopovitch to treat chronic itching. To make them more effective, the SSRI’s interact with the anticonvulsants. Both types of drugs work by constraining the interactions of chemicals and nerves in your brain, which can help treat the chronic itching due to fibromyalgia.

Yes, side effects and risks can occur in this type of drug, but when they are taken with responsibility, they are effective for treating fibromyalgia itching.

Ultimately, only you have the idea what is effective for your symptoms and you can consult with your doctor. Certainly, some drugs seem more effective as compared to others. Benzodiazepines are considered to not to be a good solution to dealing with chronic itching caused by fibromyalgia. While they would likely give you a transitory positive feeling, they wouldn’t be a powerful approach to oversee long haul itching.


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