Fibromyalgia can be managed with magnetic brain stimulation used for treating depression, study

According to the research, Fibromyalgia can be managed with magnetic brain stimulation used for treating depression. French researchers found that using magnetic brain stimulation, fibromyalgia symptoms improved slightly. The technique is normally used to raise quality of life and emotional and social well-being among patients who suffer from fibromyalgia and is known as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

“This change is related with an increase in brain metabolism, which contends for a physical reason for this issue and for the likelihood of changes in areas of the brain to enhance the symptoms. Earlier studies in fibromyalgia patients have proposed a modification of brain areas is included in the regulation of pain and emotion.” Said by the Lead researcher Dr. Eric Guedj said.

Patients wear a cap fixed with electrodes which send small electrical charges to targeted areas of the brain during the treatment. By stimulating these areas it alters how they will react.

“Fibromyalgia is the most frequent reason of widespread pain, and affects 6 to 12 million people in the United States.” Dr. Alan Manevitz added.

Once it was believed that fibromyalgia was a mental problem but according to many studies it has physical origins. In fact it is a physical problem which is linked with mood changes not vice versa.

38 fibromyalgia patients who were divided and were part up to either receive 14 sessions of real brain stimulation or fake stimulation for 10 weeks were called upon by the study. Improved quality of life was for those who received real brain stimulation and underwent PET scans to note changes in the brain.

There were improvements in mood, emotional measures, and social areas such as work and gatherings.
In the initial study, average life quality scores were 60 out a possibly 100 – in this estimation, lower scores show improved quality of life. Scores dropped on average 10 points after brain stimulation but those who received sham stimulation had gone up points.

The study indicated a link between magnetic brain stimulation and not cause-and-effect.

Depression may ease with magnetic brain stimulation

Improved depression outcomes are due to magnetic brain stimulation. Those who cannot bear antidepressants or who do not give any response or benefit from antidepressants, for them this technique is approved. Specific areas of the brain are targeted to change how it works like the mood area.

A cap is fixed on the patient’s head where painless magnetic pulses are sent to focus on the zone of the brain which controls mood. In spite of the fact that the patient doesn’t feel what is going on the procedure actives neurons to start up or get to be distinctly. When activity occurs symptoms become relieved, and the targeted brain areas are usually underactive in depression.

The treatment occurs over enormous weeks with many sessions and although it is generally secure for everyone and it should not be utilized in patients having free-floating metal in their head
Consult your doctor to see if magnetic brain stimulation is the right course of treatment for your depression.

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